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1. Talking Math Tutor Download or View Product 

This is the perfect Program for students to practice their Math skills. The program has two levels easy and hard. The program Adds, Subtracts, Multiplies and Divides. The program keeps count of the correct and wrong answers. The program Talks and Works with the student one on one. The program also helps to teach students to Follow Directions, Keyboard Skills and Mouse Skills. If your Students need to practice their Math Skills this is the program for you.

2. Talking Calculator Download or View Product 

This Program is a basic Calculator but it Talks. You input your Calculations and it Speaks them all to you. If Hearing your Calculations is something that you need, then this is the Program for you.

3.  My Overtime Keeper  Download or View Product 

       Have a need to keep Tabs on your Overtime ? Excel Style

4. My Lawn Service Database  Download or View Product 


Need a Database for your Lawn Service ? Access Style

5. My Employee Time Off  Download or View Product 


Need to keep track of your employee's time off ? Excel Style

New Excel Employee Work Schedule Download or View Product

Do you have a need for a Calendar ? I have Four in Excel

6. Just a 2004 Calendar in Excel. Download or View Product 

7. A 2004 Calendar  Totals Payments. Download or View Product 

8. A 2004 Calendar  By Month and YTD. Download or View Product

New 2005 Money Calendar  By Month and YTD. Download Or View Product

How about a game ?

All games are made in Flash and no installs. Just run them.

  9. Binladen Shoot Out  Download

10. Hangaroo  Download

11. War on Terrorism   Download

12. Binladen   Download

13. Fishing Game  Download

14. Karate  Download

Bibles  These are in Windows Help File Form (.CHM Files) If you need a Bible in a different language contact John Kapili.

15. American Standard Download

16. Basic English Download

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