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Accounting: - (Mike Kavanaugh's site)
Appraisals: - American Numismatic Association - access to various collectibles)

Automotive: - (automotive-related information) - (general info on auto lemons) - (buying new cars over the Internet) - (auto buying info) - (car values) - (Kelley blue book, car values) - (to find out if a car was wrecked) - (safety and repairs report) - (lemon law info) - (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) - (auto recalls) - (Auto Service Bulletin) - (airbag removal)> - (for safest autos on road) - (for info on suing auto manufacturers for lemons) - (Auto Insurance comparisons) - (drivers license questions) - (emissions) - (car buying) - (car history) - (official used car guide company) - (advice & info on leasing a car) - (US Environmental Protection Agency - Green Vehicle Guide)

Banks & Banking: - (list of regulated institutions) (Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta) - (Mortgage Bankers Association) - (Federal Deposit Insurance consumer news) - (Office of Thrift Supervision, savings bank info) (fund value of savings and bonds) -(buying bonds on line) - (National Credit Union Administration) - (Credit Union National Association)

Bee Keeping:
Join the best natural beekeeping forum on the web!

Businesses & Franchises: - (amateur authors can publish own works) - (Service Corps of Retired Executives) - small business counseling

Charities & Fundraising: - (to find charities that accept donations like autos) - (tax returns of charities) (to find legitimate local charities) - donation valuation guide for tax deductions

Computers/Internet</a>- free email - - Security - free email - free and discounted web domain address - web domain search - fast internet access - fast internet access - cable modem - free DSL - Internet Fraud Complaint Center - donate old computers

Credit reports & agencies:</a> to get copy of your credit report from Experian - (to get copy of your credit report from Trans Union) - (to get copy of your credit report from Equifax) - (about privacy of your credit information) - (credit score information)</a> - (click on PayEmOff for info on paying off debt) - (Credit Union National Association) - (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

Credit cards: (best deals on credit cards) - (best deals on credit cards)

Credit counseling services: - (consumer credit counseling, Atlanta) - (consumer credit counseling, Florida) - (national consumer credit counseling)

Consumer fraud: - (consumer fraud, misleading advertising) - (privacy rights clearing house - (Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act)

Day care: - (to find day care centers and help) - (represents after school care providers, not consumers)

Divorce & Child support: - (child support enforcement)

Dry cleaning: (international fabric care institute) - (do-it-yourself dry cleaning)

Education & student loans: - (refinance student loans) -(refinance student loans) - (financial aid for college) - (info on schools) - (scholarships, loans, college costs) - (prepaid college costs) - (college saving) - (distance learning) - (financial aids)

Elderly & aging: - (free newsletter on sweepstakes) - (for senior day care, senior centers, nursing homes, etc) - (Service Corps of Retired Executives) - (Nat'l Assoc of Professional Geriatric Care Managers) - (Nat'l Assoc for Home Care ) - (American Assoc of
Homes and Services for the Aging) Nursing Home Comparisons) (Administration on Aging, Long Term Care Ombudsman) - (long term care insurance buyers advocate)

Government - states of Ga. and Fla.: - (Georgia State site)
- (find county of any company for suing) - (Georgia licensing and examining boards) - (Georgia Attorney General office) - (unclaimed property - all states) - (unclaimed monies) (Florida legislators) - (Georgia Public Service Commission) - (anything about

Government - Georgia: - (product safety commission) - (highway traffic safety administration) - (government printing office - consumer info pamphlets) - (Social Security benefits & earnings statements) - (anything about government) - (Georgia Division of Unclaimed Property) - (for unclaimed monies) - (HUD or FHA loan

Homes, inspections and remodeling: - (consumer product safety commission) - (info on recalls) - (inspection certification) - (Georgia Home inspectors) - (American Society of Home Inspectors) - (National Association of Home Builders) - (Remodel and Maintain) - (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) - (National Kitchen and Bath Association)

Home improvements & Repairs: - (Georgia Pacific siding claims) - (Louisiana Pacific siding claims) - (Masonite siding claims) - (duct cleaning info) - (plumbing recover center - blue pipe) - (recalls) - (Spencer settlement) - (National Roofing Contractors Assn.) - (termite info) - (list of termite companies)

Insurance: - (insurance ratings) - (insurance ratings) - (insurance info) - (insurance quotes) - (insurance quotes) - (insurance quotes) - (insurance quotes) - (insurance quotes) - (health insurance leads) - (health insurance) - (long term care insurance buyers advocate) -(independent insurance agents of America)

Inventing & publishing: - (patents and trademarks) - (publishing)

Investing: Brokers & Financial planning: - (financial calculator)
- (signs of investment fraud)
- (info about companies) - (SEC filings) - (info about stocks on NASDAQ) - (disciplinary history of registered brokers) - (broker information) -(Roth IRA) - (message boards for investors) - (SEC site)
- (best & worst online brokers) - (broker) - (National Association of Investors Corporation)

Investing: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs: - (CD rates)
-(NAIC site) - (annuity info) - (Motley Fools site) - (Links to dozens of other investment sites) - (Hoover) (money markets, CD's, loan rates, etc) - (NAIC
site) - (Mutual fund information) - (Buy stocks direct from companies) - (forgotten pension money) - (Buy savings bonds online) - (annuity info) -(self employed IRA) - (Buy stocks direct from companies) - (CD rates) - (Strong funds) - (annuity info) - (annuity info) (Ilyce Glink's site) - (info about mutual funds and other investments) - (Investment education for individuals and clubs)

Landlords, tenants & commercial leases: - (landlord tenant handbook) - (online mediation) - (The Consumer Law Center)

Legal: - (State Bar of Georgia) - (wills and estate planning) - (class action suits) -(legal advice) -(legal advice) - (legal advice) -
(Small claims court in Cherokee County)

Medical: - (board of medical examiners) - (Medicare) - (evaluate doctors and find prices) - (medical savings accounts) - (medical savings accounts) - (life saving medical info) - (National Institutes of Health)
- (The Medicine Program - affordable drugs) - (PHRMA Public Affairs Division - affordable drugs)

Missing persons: - (find CEO info) - (people locator) -(people locator) - (people locator) - (address finder) - (people locator) - (people locator) - (people locator) - (people locator)

Mortgages: -(mortgage rates) - (Atlanta Center for Home Ownership) -(Fannie Mae info) - (HUD refunds) - (mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates) -(mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates) - (mortgage rates)

Moving: - (American moving & Storage Association) - (for licensed and unlicensed movers)

Real Estate & Timeshares: - (relocation info on cities) - (check home prices, schools, etc.) - (Search for a home) - (Search for a home) (discount real estate services, MLS listings, realtor referrals) - (home sellers, home buyers)

Recalls: - (consumer product safety commission) -(recall info)

Taxes: - Education IRAs, filing, new tax laws - (tax prep
software) - (tax forms) - (donation valuation guide for tax deductions)

Telemarketing: - (elder fraud) - (to check on telemarketers) - (federal trade commission) - (to get off telemarketing lists) - (department of justice) - (postal fraud) - (get off call list)

Telephones: - (American Telecom Network, long distance) - (local phone companies) - (free voice mail in home) - (federal trade commission, fraud info center) - (free voice mail) - (free voice mail) - - (free voice mail) - (shop for long distance rates - (shop for wireless rates) - (Georgia Public Service Commission)
- (Understanding your phone bill) - (compare wireless phone plans) - (compare
wireless phone plans) - (Compare wireless phone plans)
bin/cm_store/homepage.jsp - (compare wireless phone plans)

- (passport questions) - (airfares) - (airfares) - (tracking flights) - (airfares) - (Atlanta theaters) - (air travelers' rights) - (air travelers' rights) - (DOT aviation consumer protection) - (for Florida travel problems) - (American society of travel agents) - (bargain travel) - (transferable airline tickets)

Unclaimed money: - (Georgia Division of Unclaimed Property) - (for unclaimed monies) - (HUD or FHA loan refunds)

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