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Why Choose Apria?

I must first say that I had been a long time customer of Apria.

The other day 1-20-16 I received a letter from Apria. It turned out to be a bill. The bill was for a CPAP I received back in October 2014.

I called Apria to inquire about the bill. I was told that Apria had never been paid for the CPAP and that I needed to call my Health Insurance

I called Blue Cross to find out that Apria was paid in October and November of 2014. Blue Cross had not had any more billing until July 2015
which was 7 months later. Blue Cross denied the claim citing their contract with Apria that stated any claim older than 6 months old would be
denied and the customer would have no responsibility after that also.

The representative Ana of Blue Cross called Apria with me on the line. The Blue Cross representative went though the whole bill with Apria. The
Apria agent claimed I owed the bill because I have not sent them a memory card from my CPAP and that Apria could not bill Blue Cross until I
gave them the memory card. The Blue Cross representative stated that Apria should have billed in a timely manner.

The Blue Cross representative and I spoke to several employees of Apria, Jennifer, Britney, and tried to speak to Miranda Haines (not available) and finally ended up having to leave a voice mail for Nicky Kreigeil to get a call back. I have not had a call back from Apria, Nicky Kreigeil as of 1-21-16.

Today I called Apria 1-21-16 Just to find out it is just a California office not a Physician and Patient Relations Department and Heather is a carbon
copy of the other offices and employees. When I ask for a supervisor I'm told nothing will change and I was left on the line with a busy signal.

Physician and Patient Relations Department
You may contact the Physician and Patient Relations Department at:
Physician and Patient Relations Department
26220 Enterprise Court
Lake Forest, California 92630
Telephone Number: (800) 260-8808
Facsimile Number: (949) 587-0089

I have found my experience with Apria very disheartening and my Blue Cross representative found Apria totally frustrating.

I am asking for a much higher authority in Apria to intervene in this situation before it becomes a bigger problem. I have stated to Apria that I have
never been notified of anything until 1-20-16. It has been well over a year since October 2014 and Blue Cross and I feel Apria has made this their
problem by not billing my insurance in a timely manner. I also do not feel that a customer should be called a liar.

In my opinion Apria is BAD WRONG !

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Free Talking Math Tutor and Talking Calculator

We offer all the great Access, Excel, Games and Programs for free. We also offer Classifieds Ads, Forums, PM, Membership, Photo Albums and much more. We will still offer our World Famous Talking Math Tutor (Free) Talking Math Tutor and Talking Calculator (Free) Talking Calculator
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New for Vanishing Message Users

I am going to start something new for Vanishing Message users. Starting 03/04/2010 there will be a hidden prize (Treasure) that can be downloaded. To find it you must use the encrypted code that I post and Vanishing Message in order to reveal the link to the download prize. To reveal the link copy and past the code into Vanishing Message and click Reveal Message.
Good Luck and have fun.

The code for May is

The Code for March Expired
The code for April Expired
The code for May Expired
The code for June Expired
The code for July & August Expired
The Code for September Expired
The Code for October Expired
The code for November Expired

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Money Calendar 2011

John Kapili Releases:::The new Money Calendar 2011. The Excel Money Calendar 2011 is the easy way to keep up with just about any payment received or money paid to you.

The Money Calendar 2011 keeps track by Day, Month, Quarter, Year. As always Free, but any gratuity is appreciated.

Download Money Calendar 2011 or in the Downloads Section under Excel

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Vanishing Message

Vanishing Message has been released by John Kapili. Vanishing Message is a file message that can be sent by email attachment or file transfer. The message can be read by the recipient then vanishes without a trace. As we all know there are times when we need to send a message to someone that we want no trace of later. Vanishing Message uses a random encryption on all words, no word is ever encrypted the same. The message vanishes if exited, cannot be copied, if viewed longer than 1 minute it vanishes and you can use the same file to forward or email another person a new message. So prove it!!! Did it ever exist?

You may download Vanishing Message here Vanishing Message or in the Program section of Downloads

If you have a question about Vanishing Message contact John Kapili I would like to thank everyone for trying Vanishing Message. Please leave your comments below.

How to use Vanishing Message. Try this::::::::::

1. Install Program (Vanishing Message)
2. Look at C:|Program Files|Vanishing Message|Message.xvm
3. Make a copy of Message.xvm on your desktop
4. Double Click Message.xvm Type your message and save. It will be encrypted. Now exit.
5. Right Click Message.xvm highlight Send To click Mail Recipient.
6. Message.xvm is attached to email just enter the email address and click send.
7. The person you send the Vanishing Message must also have Vanishing Message installed to read it.
8. The person recieving the email opens the attachment Vanishing Message runs they click Reveal Message they read it. If they exit its gone or after a minute its gone.
9. Thats it. You do not have to write anything in the email body because your message is a Vanishing Message.

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Dave Ramsey & Quicker Budget

The Quicker Budget is made from the Budget Calculator, Monthly Cash Flow and the Quick Budget forms at DaveRamsey.com

This Excel program takes the Budget Calculator inputs the monthly income and copies over all the amounts that Dave Ramsey suggest using, to divide up your income for Your Budget in the categories for the Monthly Cash Flow. You may also use the Quick Budget Excel Sheet to do a simple Budget.

This will save you a lot of time.

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The Quicker Budget can be downloaded from the Download section under Excel. or here Quicker Budget

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Do you need disk for MN-500 or MN-510 ?

This is a ISO of the disk that comes with a Microsoft Wireless Router MN-500 or a MN-510, Microsoft Wireless USB Adapter. Microsoft is no longer supporting these devices. I noticed that a few people where looking for drivers or the original disk it also comes with the manuals. Just burn image to disk. It can be downloaded here MN-500 or in the Programs section of Downloads.

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Do You Need A Conversion Program

Convert is a free and easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions! You can get it here Convert or in the Downloads section under Programs

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Do You Need Employee Absence Tracking

New Excel Work Sheet for Tracking Employee Absence, Sick Time, Personal and Vacation Time Off. You may get it here Employee Absence Tracker or in the Downloads section under Excel

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Full view

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Metal Detector Database

Download A Free Access Database for logging your Metal Detector finds. You can also find it on the download menu on left.
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Hypnosis and Subliminal Suggestions MP3 Recordings.

John Kapili has added a new section to Downloads. These recordings are for people trying to quit smoking and lose weight. The audio recordings are in MP3 format. The MP3's use Hypnosis and Subliminal Suggestions to help a person achieve their goals in life. As everything else on this website the recordings are free for your personal use. Do not Drive or Operate any kind of Motor Vehicle while Listening to these recordings.

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Added Book Treatments For Incurable Disease

Treatments For Incurable Disease added this so people could understand what the full book might contain. This way people could make a decision as to whether they would like to purchase the full version.

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John Kapili added A Complete Handbook of Natural Cures

John Kapili added A Complete Handbook of Natural Cures for your reading enjoyment in PDF format for free. I added this after reading Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures Book. John Kapili also was given a book on cd: Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days . In my opinion I would not buy it. Read the Complete Handbook of Natural Cures you will get just as much if not more for free. A great deal of Kevin Trudeau cures he wants you to pay for at his website. John Kapili will be asking for his money back guarantee, as soon as he gets the packing slip out of the garbage that is needed for returns.

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